Every time I left a learning session I felt like I had another “wow” experience!

– R.H., retirement community vice president for philanthropy

Feeling stuck in your career? Running into brick walls?
Having a hard time connecting with a donor or a board member or a colleague?

Relationships are critical to overcoming these and other obstacles. Successful nonprofit leaders and fundraisers know that relationships are key to their achievements.

StyleWise grows your ability to relate to donors, volunteers, and colleagues more effectively. You will help them achieve goals that they – and you – want to accomplish for your organization.

“Style” in StyleWise refers to how we relate to others – donors, volunteers or colleagues. In StyleWise we apply knowledge about personality styles to our everyday relationships and tasks. We practice how to be “wise” about our style of personality.

StyleWise strengthens your ability to…

  • engage volunteers and colleagues
  • motivate donors
  • listen more effectively
  • use stress creatively

StyleWise will…

  • give your career a boost
  • build your leadership skills
  • enhance your fundraising ability